Post your BROWN bbag plz :)

  1. Hi ladies! I don't know whether this is too much to ask for..but I personally love browns..and I was just thinking of how pretty this thread will look if people who own bbags (aw..i envy you all..i'm still on the quest of getting mine..I promise I will post pictures once I get it :biggrin:..I'm trying my best to get it)..can post pictures of their brown bbags and maybe tell us a little about the colour and the year..that way people who wanna buy a bag (like me:p ..) can refer to this thread and get an idea based on the pictures?? if this thread is successful..perhaps we could start other colours as,red,blue..etc..

    just my little fantasy..:graucho:
    I hope this doesn't sound too stupid..:blush:
    but pretty please...? :tender:
  2. Ok I'll start

    HOOK in Truffle FW06
    WORK in rust pony with Marron trim FW06
    PART TIME in camel FW06


  3. Ooh, I'm in - I love browns too!

    02 chocolate and tobacco flat-brass hobos

    02 (or 03?) and 06 flap bags - the 06 is monk leather

    04 marron ring bag and 05 caramel shrug

    What I like about these is that - even though they're all browns - there's so much variation in the leather that they all have a completely different appeal.
  4. LP, I LOVE your shrug!
  5. :love: :love: I LOVE YOUR CAMEL in part time :love: :love: and thx for being so supportive:heart:
  6. i agree..and i also love their names o.o..all browns but all wif different it love it :drool:
  7. After seeing all these gorgeous browns, I think I need to have one.
    THX for the pics.
  8. [​IMG]

    Caramel '05 and Truffle '06! :love:
  9. I love brown bags, and was going to try not to purchase a brown bbag as I have at least 3 other brown bags, but these are looking pretty yummy :drool:
  10. Bronze city and caramel shrug:


  11. Wooow !!!
    Yummy Browns here :graucho: !!!!
    Congrats Ladies and thank you for sharing these beauties !!!

    Just one in my closet...

    Day Truffle F06.jpg
  12. Here are my brown babies...Marron Weekender and Truffle Purse! I have a truffle shoulder but I don't use it.

  13. Here are mine...06 Truffle Day, and 07 Cafe Besace Messenger!


    Now, these aren't mine, but Daphne at BalNY sent me this pic of the Day in varous browns...

  14. 06 Truffle Bowling