Post your BOOtiful October RM Purchases here!

  1. :cloud9: New to me Wine MAM
  2. So pretty! Congrats! What lining does it have?
  3. Pretty!
  4. Thanks. It's B&W floral.

    @MAGJES :biggrin:
  5. Oh my..its gorgeous....esp for fall.

    I got the Black Desire with matte black hardware. =)

  6. Thanks! Nice Desire! Love the texture. How are you liking it?
  7. That's gorgeous! Tell us how u like carrying it. If i got a desire I would get that one too. I'm on the hunt for a new black bag and I'm curious about that. Is the shape odd to carry or is it awesome?
  8. That is really pretty. :smile: The leather looks really nice. Could we maybe get some mod pics? I've been curious about the Desire.
  9. Yay a TPF-er got it! Its such a gorgeous combo; I have it in the MAC but I kinda want it in a MAM. RM should release more bags in this range!
  10. Rebecca Minkoff Coupon code 15% off plus free shipping.
  11. I haven't bought anything in a few months and I probably won't be any time soon but I just have to say that the title of this thread is so cute!! Bootiful! I wish I had something bootiful to add this month but at least I can admire everyone elses booties!
  12. uadjit, your wine MAM is bootiful! Your pic made me carry my wine Mattie yesterday :smile:

    Black hardware against this gorgeous black leather is ...:drool:
  13. Hi ladies!
    I am loving this bag! Its light, doesn't hurt my shoulders like some other bags and goes with almost everything! I had the desire in blue/brown and love desire's shape/style. The black on black just makes it even better and unique. Here's a pic of me carrying it yesterday-

  14. Wallet on a chain in black ostrich!
  15. My new mini mac in hot pink :smile: