Post Your Blue/Green MbyMJ Bags Here!


    PLEASE use this thread to post pics of your BLUE or GREEN MbyMJ BAGS.

    Please post style name,color,price and where purchased if possible.
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    Style: Faridah
    Color: True Blue
    Hardware: Silver
    Retail Price: $448

    Modeling on a 5'0 me.:p
    112008_15312.jpg 102508_18141.jpg 102208_13491.jpg 102208_13501.jpg
  3. fashion_guru86's
    Airliner Magazine Clutch
  4. Beauty K Addict's
    Airliner Captain Bag
  5. This bag looks SOOO much better in person than it does in catalogs and websites. They make it look like a freakin balloon! but this bag is awesome.[​IMG]
  6. Totally Turnlock Boxler in Moss

  7. Faridah in Denim
    april 09 013.jpg
    april 09 024.jpg
    april 09 025.jpg
  8. sorry, double post
    april 09 013.jpg april 09 024.jpg april 09 025.jpg
  9. Season Fall/Winter 2009
    Style Totally Turnlock Tobo
    Color Sage
    Material Soft Italian Leather
    Lining Black & White Signature/Monogrammed Cotton
    Retail Price $498
    Purchase Location/Date: Nordstroms (June 2009)
    tobo 001a.jpg tobo 006a.jpg tobo 009a.jpg tobo 007a.jpg MbyMJ 6-13 001.JPG
  10. MbMJ Totally Turnlock Heidi in Ocean (sorry for the dark pic)

  11. MbMJ Softy Max satchel in Blue Jean Nordstrom

  12. Name: Posh Turnlock Big Slice
    Color: Mint
    Retail: $250 (but I paid $125)
    Purchased From:
  13. Purchased at Shopbop. SS08



  14. shopper supply tote FW07. purchased at NAP


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    Moss green MBMJ Totally Turnlock Baby Aidan Bowler from 09 purchased from Neiman Marcus.
    It looks almost black. Under the sun it is a very nice dark khaki green (yellow undertones) against the antique goldtone hardware.
    mj1.jpg mj2.jpg mj3.jpg