post your best lamb deals!

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  1. haha this is taken from a couple other subforums, but i need some inspiration to not go out and keep buying things i think are a pretty good deal and save up for some major scores :smile: sooo. post your best lamb deals!:smile:

    silver mandeville for 145ish (off 5th)
    saddle cyprus for 50ish + i think 10 shipping ( ebay)
  2. 145?! WOW.. that's a good one! how come it's so cheap?

    mine so far would be:
    Red Glazed Capri for $250 + $15 shipping -- ebay
    LS key pouch for $27.50 + $6ish shipping -- bloomies online
  3. Rasta Carlisle 235 = Ebay!

    By the way, do either of you know how much mandevilles and or Oxfords go for at Nordstrom Rack?
  4. oxford is $299 at NR.. i'm not sure about mandeville..
  5. Awesome!!! So the Mandeville must be less since the Oxford costs more originally... now, if I can find an Oxford at NR! :yahoo:
  6. i think mandy is around 189 at nr.

    indi-- i'm not 100% sure how the mandy came out so cheap, but i THINK its because they applied the 30% off coupon twice. i didn't get a receipt with my package and when i called them after the sa basically said thanks but don't worry about it and i of course didn't push it further lol. there was nothing wrong with the mandy so i wasn't worried about getting a receipt either haha.
  7. silver oxford for $159.97 (
    cheetah cyprus for $49.97 +8.95 shipping @ NR
  8. Hmm, let's see....

    - I got the LS key pouch Bloomies deal for $33 shipped
    - Silver Mandeville from NR for $189
    - Silver Marley Hill from Off 5th for like $185 after tax (30% off coupon plus another 10% for opening a Saks charge)
  9. I can't think of any truly exceptional deals off the top of my head...I would maybe consider the Trenchtown Maria tote a deal bc I was willing to pay more than retail for that bag! So...getting it for retail was a deal? lol

    Couture Geisha - I think the cheetah oxford is going to be near impossible to find at a NR. LAMBs that get sent to the Rack seriously fly out the door and the oxford was racked a long time ago. You might be able to find one if someone returns theirs and then it gets racked. I'll keep an eye out though! My advice would be to wait for the off 5th 30% off coupons and get the oxford for just about the same price as NR (about 50% off either way).
  10. My all time best deal has to be getting my chartreuse pavia for $270! No tax and no shipping!
  11. same here! Just at a NR.;) Now I'm hoping to price adjust my cyprus!:lol:
  12. I'm waiting to see if an Oxford shows up on Ebay, there were a ton last month. There is a cheetah oxford on there right now, but there is a scratch/burn on the front, um no, I don't want that! :tdown: I know that I'll get one, somehow!
  13. ^ I'm so picky I know what you mean! I couldn't stand a scratch or any kind of flaw on a bag that I'm buying. I'm also picky and won't buy used bags. :shame:

    Don't worry about finding one, I think they are pretty easy to track down
  14. WL esquivel 149.97
  15. ^ Brick, are you selling your esquivel?? :sad: I saw one on ebay and thought it might be yours.