Post your **Benefit Cosmetics** Purchases !

  1. I got the benefit powda howza today and I love it, perfect for travelling!
  2. Benetint and Posietint are two things I can't live without!

    Their little kits are fantastic for handbags or travelling, too. Valley of the Stars and JustinE Case have everything you need in miniature.
  3. Bought They're Real Mascara. Haven't tried it yet, but I will tomorrow!
  4. Definitely let us know how you like it! I've been thinking about trying it, but haven't yet.
  5. They're real is great! But hard to get off ! X
  6. So far so good! I got length and volume. I like the applicator brush, it's plastic and has a sort of pointy end with "spikes" so it's easy to get all the little ones in the corners too. I put it on at 11 AM and now its 8 PM and it looks the same, no flaking either.
  7. They're Real is HEAVENT SENT! LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVE IT! The best ever! It lasts forever. :nuts:
  8. I am a big fan of erase paste !
  9. I got the foundation "Hello Flawless" from Sephora online, hope the shade works for me. I heard it provides a flawless, perfect coverage finish, which is what I need as my skin is oily and acne prone.
  10. ^i love hello flawless. i wear it over my tinted moisturizer. I use a sponge for application, it provides a fuller coverage. I have oily skin and it works great for me.
    I just purchased a ton of benefit stuff! but it's all wrapped up for x-mas so I can't take pics. But I did purchase the holiday kits from sephora and benefit. They are such a great deal! i got the "boxing day beauty" holiday set-you get a full size some kind of gorgeous and hoola bronzer and minis of bad gal mascara and high beam. I also just got the set with the bella bamba blush, very excited to use it!
  11. i recently went to sephora and was torn between two creaseless cream shadows, skinny jeans and birthday suit. i bought skinny jeans first and i used it everyday it is such a versatile color and for someone who has oily lids this doesnt crease at all. i was so impressed so of course i went back about 2 weeks later and got birthday suit which is the perfect shade of taupe that you can wear to work. something to just gives your eyes that nice shimmer without being too much for a office environment. i am now officially addicted to these creaseless cream shadows!! def will purchase more
  12. I love Erase Paste and Lemon Aid.
  13. I love the 'dandelion' blush and their mascaras (I've never tried 'they're real' but I might do that very soon).
  14. Anyone tried their skincare ?!
  15. I like Benetint