Post your **Benefit Cosmetics** Purchases !

  1. I love Chanel make-up but Benefit has some amazing products.

    What do you think ?
  2. I love the powder blushes, I just ordered the powda howza, just waiting for it to be delivered.
  3. I just ordered High Beam, silky-finish lipstick and their creaseless eyeshadow in RSVP from their online F&F!
  4. Benefit Porefessional is amazing, it really fills in pores. I love it.
  5. Has anyone tried the Watt's Up Highlighter? I'm trying to decide between that and Girl Meets Pearl. I'm an NC25 in MAC for reference.
  6. I love watts up I'm Chanel b30 and mac nw20 :smile: it's cream to powder and it's champagne ! Go for girl meets pearl if you want a pinky liquid highlight xxxx
  7. I recently picked up the One Prime Day kit (only $10!)

    You get- That Gal primer, Stay Don't Stray primer , and Porefressional deluxe samples. That Gal is one of my fave primers. The original size and price for it is $29 for 0.37 oz. You get 0.25 oz in this trial size plus the other two deluxe samples! If you just bought two of the sample kits, you would only spend $20 and 0.5 oz. of product! Not sure why Benefit hasn't figure this one out, but it's fine with me :graucho:.

    I really like the Porefressional - it reminds me a lot of Cliniques Pore Minimizer (same consistency, too), which I love. I still need to play around with the Stay, Don't Stray to see if I like it.
  8. Erase Paste #1 and Erase Paste #2. The BEST concealer ever!!!
  9. Erase paste 2 is amazing !! People say it creases but if you apply it correctly it's an amazing concealer - it's fairly thick but the melon undertones to wonders for hideous eye circles !xxx
  10. Just received my powda howza, it is small but very cute and the blushes are just the right size

  11. I love Benefit Ooh La Lift! It makes my eyes bright and awake. I could not see a difference when I first started using it but now I do! It really hides how tired my eyes look :sad:
  12. I'm absolutely in love with the Coralista blush!

  13. For benefit i have tried a few items. Here's my opinion.
    Coralista- great day to day blush
    Stay don't stray eyeshadow primer- better than UD Primer in my opinion
    RSVP creaseless shadow- average cream shadow, nice color
    High beam- good day highlighter, very light, comparable to lancome eclat miracle
  14. Love all there blushes liquid and powder. Does not clog my acne prone skin at all.