Post your beauty disasters....

  1. Tell me about the times your beauty treatments didn't go as planned...:wtf: This should be interesting!

    I'll go first...

    Several years ago I read on a D.I.Y. beauty site to try a "Pepto Bismol" face mask to tighten pores... well I tried it and it made my face very red and itchy for the rest of the day... also tried an 'olive oil' hair treatment which left my hair soo greasy that regular shampoo wouldn't wash it out, I had to use dish liquid :crybaby:

    I gave myself hives once after using hair remover lotion followed by self tanner on my legs-- what was I thinking?? I had to take a ton of benadryl and soak in the tub, it was a bummer! This was mabe 3 years ago:rolleyes:

    ...there have been a few curling iron burns and a couple bad cases of overplucked eyebrows over the years too...
  2. Many years back, I thought cutting my hair was a good idea.. I cut it so short, I had to wear that do for months!! :sad: I hated myself for that.

    Then I bleached my own hair (when i was 13) and it turned orange!! Everyone thought it was cool but not me!!!!!! I hated it when I had to cheer for games and I always stood out...

    Then of course I overshaved my brows, had no brows for months.. BLAH the list keeps on going.
  3. ^^yikes! cutting your own hair just sounds like trouble! thats a bummer!

    I let my friend use blond DYE on my brown hair when I was around that age too and of course brassy orange was the result! My mom was so mad that she had to pay to get it fixed!
  4. I think this was like 6 or 7 years brother was going through the phase of dyeing his hair bleach blonde and he had left over dye so he's like ''do you want to dye your hair'' thinking my hair is jet black it won't do anything major..I decide ''ok'' brother puts the dye in my hair....little did I know it turned yellow all over! I cried my eyes brother went to the store and bought me black dye. I will never forget about that....
  5. when i was in my early teens i had really light brown hair for a number of years. i got it into my head that i wanted to dye it pitch black, bought myself one of those at-home hair kits, colored my hair, waited for it dry, looked in the mirror and realized that i'd missed a small squarish patch. so pretty much i had a brown 1x1 patch in my hair until i could get the color fixed :cursing:.
  6. ^^^ haha the same thing happened to me when I dyed my hair blue black from brown. Everyone was like umm you missed a spot.

    I bleached my hair so badly it turned frizzy and orange. The bad part is that I left it that way. I don't know what on earth made me think it looked cool. I wanted to dye it pink but thank god my mom didn't let me.

    I've also overplucked my eyebrows into a really weird non-natural shape.

    I got several burn marks on my face when I used wart remover to get rid of a few pimples. It said salicylic acid on it so I thought, hey why not! I was also 12 so I don't feel too stupid.
  7. When my sister and I were kids 13 or 14 years old we boght some home wax for our legs and went nuts with it... We then thought we could do our brows and I took her entire left brow off... She has forgiven me, LoL
  8. My worst beauty disasters all involve wax... One time I burned myself so bad I still have a scar on my shin. Another time I couldn't get the hair off and couldn't get the wax of no matter what I did. I tried hot water, ice, mineral oil, you name it. I could only get like 95% of it off so my legs were still sticky for a week. My jeans kept sticking to my shins-- it was so gross! The worst one was when my "microwaveable wax" blew up and burned a hole inside of the microwave. I was only ~15, I was home alone and I didn't know what to do, so I just screamed and closed the microwave door. The fire went out, but the plastic on the door was all melted and caved in. My mom was NOT happy with me lol :lol:
  9. I was laughing so hard DH just yelled at me for interrupting his show!

    Whew...that was great!
  10. ^ OMG I'm getting a visual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was great...I just laughed out loud too...sweet..thanx...!!! I needed that!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Hahaha I can picture this too! I hope you go to a salon now to wax:p
  12. I once had a brow wax where the lady ripped off the entire section of skin under my brow!! it wasnt a burn, it was MISSING! ouch!! that took a long time to heal up fully... there really wasnt a smooth way to conceal it, just had to wait it out :crybaby:
  13. I tried to give myself a trim with these trim sissors found at the dollar store. lets just say that it looked like I went through a fast moving razor.

    and mederma doesnt work for me. I have acne scars on my back. and although it kind of helped the ones I had, my skin was discolored and it was peeling.
  14. I have naturally curly hair (very loose curls). A few years ago, I read that I could chemically straighten it with a kit for African American hair (fyi- I have VERY fine caucasian hair). Anyway, it destroyed my hair and literally fried it and broke pieces off. It was traumatizing. :crybaby:
  15. Well.... I had the bright idea to get a chemical peel my freshman year in college. I don't remember what kind of chemical peel its was, but it was waaaay to strong for my skin. Needless to say, it left me looking like a freak! My face was red and scabby for about two weeks. I had just started the second semester so not going to class was not an option. It was horrible.