post your beautiful 04 rose bags!!!!!

  1. geeeeze,i am so in love with the 04 rose color!! i want to see your beautiful bags :smile:
  2. Me too, me tooo :heart::heart::heart:
  3. 04 Rose!!! :drool: :drool:

  4. my favorite rose by far!! :drool:
  5. Oh, I love rose. :love: I wish I had one to post here. As a consoluation, I will just stop by and lust after other tPFer's Rose bags.
  6. where are all the rosies hiding!!
  7. LOL... I was going to say, apparently we've found all of the Rose enthusiasts, but no one that owns a Rose!! :p

    I think Rhonda Faye used to have a Rose Twiggy, which is where I came to fall in love with that particular bag in the first place!! Unfornuately, I was sooooo green at the time, I didn't realize how rarethe bag was!!! :push:

    I know there are a few Rose cities around here someplace... hopefully Rose owners will pop in.
  8. alright..i am posting the same pictures that i used in the thread "what is in your b-bag?", hence all the stuff that goes into my twiggy. sorry for being lazy and not taking new pictures.

    can't wait to see more rose bags. :heart:
    bag.JPG bag1.JPG
  9. Not lazy at all, RobotDoll. Thanks! You are a very lucky girl, to have that bag. I like how Twiggies make things easy to find - having one made me much more organized and less prone to dumping the kitchen sink in my bag.

    Let's see if I can keep up the same idea with my new Day.

    More rose pictures please!
  10. Thanks for the pic robotdoll!!! *sigh* 04 Rose Twiggy... so beautiful. I have a feeling this is going to become my HG....
  11. Oooh I love Rose too! I'd LOVE a Rose makeup clutch!
  12. I love rose. :love:
  13. LOVE your rose, Robotdoll!:love:
  14. robot, your rose is soo gorgeous. that color is to die for!!! it is such a unique color. yours looks like its in fabulous shape!!
  15. Here is a pic of my '04 rose twiggy beside my '05 turquoise.