Post Your Baby Photo!

  1. or whatever childhood photo strikes your fancy....

    Irma 1.jpg

    Kindergarten. that was Christmas giftwrap ribbon in my hair....could you blame me for loving comedy?

    Irma 2.jpg

    dad played the guitar.....this will be the cover of my comedy record if i ever make one....

    Irma 3.jpg

    my first bike. kinda like the SUV of the 60s...

    Irma 4.jpg

    okay, I never took a serious photo in my life.
  2. Haha you are adorable!! The guitar pic is so cute and oh my gosh that bike looks so huge compared to you!!
    I would share, but my baby pics are somewhere over the Atlantic.
  3. Awww... you're so cute Bagnshoofetish!! I like the picture of you next to that HUGE bike. :love:
  4. you are so adorable.
  5. i will have to scan one of mine tomm
  6. What cute pictures!! I see beauty hasn't aged ;)
  7. !!! OH GIRL, I was a homely child!
  8. This is me on my 3rd Birthday with my parents 12-03-86
  9. Irma, Chanel4me, you guys were such cute babies!

    Let see. .I might have one on here some where. .Here we go! Crappy quality, but this is me holding my baby brother.
  10. Oh, V, you were too cute!
  11. these pics are cute
  12. my brother and i.. 1990 I believe.

  13. ^^ how cute
  14. I like this post!

    Here's me at around 6 months:


    My Kindergarten photo: Around 3 years old at the time. Don't ask me what those little black dots are - I have no clue!

  15. Here I am at the age of 13 months. Sorry the pic is blurry i took it from my camera phone...
    Baby Picture.jpg