Post Your Authentic Ferragamo Finds: etailers, retailers, outlets and eBay

  1. I'm wondering that if there is any outlets SA willing to send out inventory photos regularly?
  2. hi, i'm browsing through a website they selling ferragamos in cheap price! anyone ever shop there? are they real?
  3. hi,

    Im new to ferragamo. I found an online shop call that sell ferragamo products. I wondered if anyone have shop there before, and are they authentic?


  4. Yes mytheresa is a reputable online seller. :smile:
  5. No they are not.
  6. Will there be additional discounts at the outlet on the president's day weekend? I'd like to buy something exotic. Thanks!
  7. Bloomingdale's has a code, FASHION12, that works for 15% off Ferragamo, or 20% whe you use your Bloomies card.
  8. Hi, I'm a new member, tell me does anyone know where I can buy that's a belt?
  9. I have that same belt i bought at last year but I doubt they still have some.

  10. Many thanks for your reply, I really want to find and buy this now if it was anywhere else on the market. If by chance someone will see it, please tell me. Thank you in advance :smile:
  11. Does anyone have contact with an SA in Italy or anywhere in a Europe boutique? :smile:
  12. I saw this bag in Bal Harbour this weekend. I can not tell you how beautiful it is IRL. Exquisite! I was told there will be only 10, company wide.
    Ferragamo Ostrich smaller.jpg