Post Your Authentic Ferragamo Finds: etailers, retailers, outlets and eBay

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    This is for posting your authentic Salvatore Ferragamo finds...a "would if I could" thread. Post information, links and/or pictures of great finds of AUTHENTIC Salvatore Ferragamo bags, accessories or shoes.

    You may NOT post links to or promote items you are selling.

    In addition, we will not give any air-time to the counterfeiters, please do not mention them, thank you.

    There is another place to ask authentication questions. Please post those questions here:

    If you have any questions, please PM me.
  2. Oooo - that is the same style as two we saw in the San Fran boutique! Yes, the pictures do not do this beauty looks amazing!
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    I don't know if anyone else has noticed but the 'bay UK site seems to have a good amount of Ferragamo. Quite a bit is vintage and it would of course need to be authenticated first but I have seen a few which have caught my eye.

    We'd like to see links to specific authentic Ferragamo items in this thread, thank you...jburgh ps - really like your moon avatar!
  4. I received an email today for a sample sale at the Ferragamo outlet in San Marcos, TX. I won't be able to check out the sale but in case anyone lives in the area or wants to see if they will take phone orders. Their number is: (512) 395-8201.

  5. ^Thank you so much for posting this information! I must not...dial...the number! lol
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    Sorry... decided to delete my post and pm the moderator so the thread won't go in the wrong direction. Happy Shopping!
  7. Hello!

    I am very excited to inform you of our Memorial Day Sale. Our holiday sale officially starts on May 21st. However, because you are a personal VIP client, I have been authorized to give you FIRST CHOICE in purchasing this sale merchandise before May 21st. As we have VERY limited quantities, please don't delay.

    We are having:

    • Scarves $99
    • Ties $79
    • Select women's small leather goods 20% off the outlet price
    • Select handbags 30% off the outlet price
    • Select women's clothing 40% off the outlet price
    • Select women's shoes starting from $119 - $1499
    • Select men's shoes 30% off

    In addition to these great offers, we are also having a buy more save more promotion. Spend $1000-$1499, take an additional 10% off. Spend $1500 - $1999, take an additional 15% off. Spend $2000 or more, take an additional 20% off. Shipping costs will be a flat rate of $10, regardless of the amount of items.

    I look forward to assisting you with this great opportunity. Again, we have very limited quantities. Please let me know as soon as possible, how I may assist you in taking advantage of these great bargains. I am happy to e-mail you pictures of any items of which you may be interested. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  8. I should add that this is an email I received, this is not me advertising for myself, in case anyone misunderstands.
    I received a lot of pics. Hopefully someone can post it up soon. Or if i get a chance i will post up some pics.
  9. prices as marked. call Roxy to purchase please. She will be in at 1:30 EST tomorrow.
    sku# 363636_$391.JPG.jpg sku# 364035_$387.JPG.jpg sku# 364154_$360.JPG.jpg sku# 364158_$360.JPG.jpg sku# 364159_$314.JPG.jpg
  10. more...
    sku# 365736_$387.JPG.jpg sku# 365805_$888.JPG.jpg sku# 365814_$815.JPG.jpg sku# 369033_$568.JPG.jpg sku# 369333_$382.JPG.jpg
  11. enjoy...
    sku# 369333_$382.JPG.jpg sku# 369476_$1434.JPG.jpg sku# 370115_$542.JPG.jpg sku# 370299_$542.JPG.jpg sku# 370936_$405.JPG.jpg