Post your Authentic BV Finds: Outlets, e-tailers, retailers, eBay

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    suspiciously cheap ...
  2. ^^ I saw that too! WANT IT!! but the price is really steep.:cry:
  3. ^^ Gone with BIN! Obviously the price wasn't too high for someone!
  4. Wasn't jburgh looking for a froggy??
  5. I think jburgh was looking for HER froggy, who got lost somewhere in her move... but maybe this one caught her eye as a replacement!
  6. I vaguely remember her saying she wants a replacement cuz she can't find hers anywhere...
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    really? i need to learn. let me post it on the authenticate site as well. if it isn't good, we can get our dear mod to excise the listing. the seller has very good feedback and i think i have bought from her in the past (not BV but other items). my memory could be off though