Post your "afterlife" experiences!

  1. In another thread the subject of Ghost's and Spirits came up. A few people have had some pretty interesting things happen to them.
    So, here is a thread where we can all come to chat about our afterlife experiences!
  2. I will start...
    A few weeks after my good friend was shot and killed, his picture appeared on my pillow. I still, to this day, have no clue how it got there, the original location of the picture was on my wall, it was pinned there securely and no where near my bed. :shrugs:

    Another incident was when I was about 14 y/o, our rocking chair in the living room started to rock by itself. I didnt think anything of it until my dog looked at the chair and started barking. His eyes were glued to the chair until it suddenly stopped rocking.

    I always see movement out of the corner of my eye. I really think its my Grandma...but who knows, I might just be crazy! lol

    I have had more experiences, but I cant think of them at the moment.
  3. whooo freaky! i wrote mine on the other thread.
  4. MODS: please close this thread, I guess I was posting this thread at the same time as i_wona posted hers lol!