post ur wallets here pls

  1. lets c some pics!
  2. LV mono koala:
    (the wallet - with the gold button ;))

  3. Here's my fave and most used, Marc Jacobs Zip Clutch from Resort 06 in Plum. It's so easy to get in and out of and holds everything. It's great as a wallet or just to grab out of my wallet and take to lunch as a clutch.
    MJzipclutch1.jpg MJzipclutch2.jpg
  4. [​IMG]

    Marc Jacobs Zip Clutch in Topaz :love:
  5. Love your collection, esp your inclusions!!! I love PM bracelets!

    I'll post a pic of my Gucci ostrich leather wallet later. My camera memory card reader is acting up again.
  6. ^^^ ty ty :p
  7. Here's pics of my 2 fave wallets ever!




    And my Marc by MJ softy zip clutch


    I am in absolute love with both these wallets cuz they have a lot of compartments and I can put a lot of stuff inside.
  8. i like the mj zc's
  9. I'm at work and this is the only pic I currently have of the wallet I have. I LOVE her. I've tried 3 times to switch over and I keep coming back to this wristlet. So yummy!
  10. Since I am at work and have no access to my camera or collection... I found a picture of the last wallet I purchased. It is the Gucci Continental Wallet. It is wonderful, even though I tend to stuff lots of stuff into my wallets, I have been good to this one! The color of course is my favorite!! :p
  11. My camera is acting up also-but, this is my wallet. it's from Hayden Harnett:

  12. Here's mine: Marc by Marc Jacobs Softy Zip Clutch

  13. HEre's mine:

  14. My current one, my Dior:

    My purple Coach wallet is in the bottom row, this is the only picture that I have of it. I also have a hot pink Coach wallet, but I don't have a picture of it.
  15. Some time ago, I liberated myself from the primitive tyranny of wallethood and upgraded to the luxury of this prestigious and fashion-forward cardholder.

    It's from Rolfs Nostalgia collection. I chose "wine," shown here, it is also available in cognac. $8 at Boscov's. Or it was a couple of years ago...