Post SEPHORA deals here! (No Comments/Questions)

  1. Thanks. Will go to the store and check out.
  2. do we have to have the coupon for in-store?

    i got one, but my sister/mom didn't and i'm wondering if they can try out the product (especially my mom).
  3. you don't need coupon. just go to the cashier and ask for one. I've just got one too
  4. do i need to make a purchase at the store to get the items?
  5. nope just go and ask for it. i went and got one yesterday
  6. is this only for today? how about tom?
  7. I think it is while supplies last... it is a mini kabuki which is adorable, and the powder is the same size as their eyeshadows.

    My Sephora already looked like it was running low on some of the colors by noon this morning, they really had to dig to find my shade.
  8. My Sephora required the postcard, which I didn't have. I walked over to Ulta and bought a special BE product there and got a mini brush. Turned out I picked up the wrong color, and mine wasn't available anymore. Not my day, I guess :p
  9. SHISEIDO still works too. It's for a free sample of spf 55 sunscreen in a little box. It's just a tiny tube of it, but it's a nice product regardless.
  10. Thanks for the info - I got mine at Sephora yesterday and so did my SIL. My SIL was like, 'How did you know about this, it's not posted anywhere?' Way to go, tPF! I just walked up to the cashier and asked about the Bare Minerals promo, and the woman handed me my shade.
  11. Any order $25 or more


    FREE SHIPPING! :yahoo:
  12. Went and picked up in the store.
    No purchase required. Pretty good size sample. Thanks.:tup:
  13. Juicy loves Sephora Accessories are 25% off. No code.
  14. Any order $25 or more


    Not valid in Canada or retail stores
    Offer valid through 3/09/2009 ! :p