Post SEPHORA deals here! (No Comments/Questions)

  1. Anyone know if they do price adjustments? 2 things I bought I bought in the last month are now 50% off
  2. I think they do them within two weeks of your original purchase.
  3. Ugh that's annoying. Guess I'll have to go dig for my receipt and do a return
  4. Just got an order in the mail with the "VIB clutch." I think it's still available, if it is I recommend it. The "clutch" itself is worthless, but the samples inside are great. Lots of deluxe size and much better than your normal promo code.
  5. I had a code in my cart all loaded up and it disappeared and cant put it back in, and one of my items sold out. Big fat waste of time.
  6. Bump! anyone remember if Oct. is the F&F?
  7. Yes, it's usually late October/early November
  8. What is f&f?
  9. friends and family
  10. VIBLASH will give you a trio of mascaras with your order. Posting in case anyone didn't get the email.
  11. Bring it! :biggrin:
  12. New code BESTSKIN looks really good! 7 big samples if creams. Just placed an order and debating whether to order more just for this lol. I'm such a sucker.
  13. I thought they ran out of the skin creams on Friday - maybe not but just fyi!
  14. They're all out :sad:
  15. Everything is the same though compared from previous Fan Friday and the code Bestskin