Post Secret

  1. Anyone ever heard of Post Secret?? It started off as a project where people would send in post cards with their secrets on them and its still continuing...the secrets are being turned into books, well i can across an amusing secret today...

  2. alright, fess up!! Who sent that in, SURELY she's here!:yes:
  3. haha! I love it.
  4. haha. wasn't that in the new book?

    there's been some funny purse/shopping ones on the site/in the older books that make me think of you all.
  5. haha, I saw that today and immediately thought of tPF.

    I love Postsecret, and many Sunday mornings have been spent enjoying my coffee with the new postcards.
  6. i can't sleep on saturday nights/sunday mornings until frank updates. makes it difficult if he waits until 9 or 10 sunday morning, lol.
  7. LOL!! There's actually a clause in my will about my purses! I had mine done just before DD showed up.
  8. I know! I tried posting this but I have picture posting issues:shame:
    It is now my screensaver on my laptop. It is so true.
  9. I haven't heard about it, but it sounds fun.
  10. Never heard of it but love that postcard.
  11. :roflmfao:
  12. Thats so funny!:roflmfao:
    I love it!

  13. Yup, BF and I have spoken in all seriousness re: what will happen to my shoe collection and my bag collection should something happen. It's been decided that the shoes MUST remain a cohesive collection while the bags will be divided amongst the closest family members.
    And we don't even have kids yet!!!
  14. I love Post Secret! I too think he should update more than 1x per week!
  15. LOl. That's incredible. A lot of the other ones from that site creep me out though.