Post sales or deals on Botkier here!

  1. Are the glazed taupe in leather or nylon?
    The website are so confusing. Thank you!
  2. I received my silver sasha mini. it's definitely buttery soft leather! i love it!!
  3. The above was posted to the wrong forum. That's what I get for posting before going to vote.
  4. some good deals on sale section! stevie convertible satchel for $245, mini sasha duffel for $315, st. tropez vacation tote for $195, etc.
  5. Hey...thanks for the headsup! Creighbabay...

  6. Great catch Leo.....I would be all over it but I just bought a Black Bryant!
  7. ^^ Ooooh sounds pretty :nuts: Congrats
  8. Thanks Leo!! I was so bad today too....I saw a lg. Army Sasha and before I knew it I hit the BIN button....OK...DONE.....I really do need to save for the 2009 Botkiers.......(now what to sell on eBay?...LOL)
  9. Great deals on Sasha duffles. Large patent leather duffle on $417. Mini sasha patent leather duffles on $262.50! They have black, marine and white snake. Just a little too small for my needs, and I have many needs...
  10. Costco in Orange county have a small Sasha duffle in black lambskin for $445 (I think..not sure of exact price but i know is in the mid $400s.).