Post sales or deals on Botkier here!

  1. ^ If only they showed pics of how "small" these scuffs actually are...
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    :yahoo:Gilt Groupe is having a Botkier sale on Wed 8/27 @ 12pm EST :yahoo:

    I'm pretty sure they'll have Bella clutches, Isis totes (I must have one:heart:) Bryant's, large Cairo's & Harley shoulder bags. I don't know what else they'll have, but I've never been disappointed with their selection.

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    I think we are not allowed to say that we can send out invites, even over pm...

    In other news, I am super excited about this sale. I have a large credit at Gilt and I'm crossing my fingers that they will have a medium or small bianca bag on there... :smile:

    I have the bella clutch (in cherry) and if Gilt offers it for the rate I *think* they will offer it... it's going to be a steal!! It's a great bag :smile:
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    Sasha Duffle Small/Mini $315
    Sasha Duffle Medium $381

    Happy shopping! :wlae:

    In addition to my black patent large, just got the black patent mini (small) and use it at night. LOVE IT! I paid a lot more than the $315 it's on sale for.

    P.S. When are they going to bring back this style in the nice colors like pudding, army, chocolate, etc?? :confused1: I love the metallics and patents, but I like the other colors for everyday use.
  5. Thanks for the post
    BTW- ITA- on the old colors coming back
  6. It's hard to tell from the pics - are the Sashas all nylon (aside from the patent?) I would love to get a lambskin one...
  7. Thanks for the info! I just bought the silver sasha! I can't wait to receive it! =D
  8. I clicked on the available colors and some are leather.
  9. Thanks for letting us know! :tup:

    I looked around and there are some nice little things there. I missed the boat on some things though. I agree about the older colors. No disrespect to the designer, but I really liked the 2007 styles and colors better than the latest collection. I would kill for a Grey Trigger or even maybe a Rex satchel with silver hardware.

    For those interested, I know Shopbop is selling the Bryant Hobo (not on sale) in Black and Brown, but it appears she's added a new charm.

    Sorry for jacking your post!
  10. thanks for the info Lula
  11. The pink and silver ones are lambskin but the description is confusing for sure!

    Also, it's weird that a site with so many customers wouldn't even have photos of some of the bags (like you can't see what it looks like in certain colors like black patent, etc. )..don'tcha think? It's like trying to sell a bag on eBay with no photo. Whu???? That you might expect from a seller on eBay who doesn't make a living off selling things but botkier? :confused1:
  12. Btw, a lot of people don't look up here which is why I originally started the thread below this with its own title. Whoever moved this thread, I already told a few people to look up here regarding the sale because they didn't look up here. A lot of people don't.
  13. Thanks, I bought the pink rose small Sasha duffle in Lambskin. I'm very excited, it sounds like a great price.
  14. Botkier website has Stevie convertible satchel in glazed taupe
    for $235 and Stevie satchel in glazed taupe for $265.