Post sales or deals on Botkier here!

  1. Bag, Borrow or Steal, it is Avelle's sister site. They have some great deals at times! :smile:
  2. Thanks Ladies! :smile:

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    Gilt is having a SICK botkier sale right now!! I just scored a Dion large tote for $129, eek! This will be my first designer handbag :smile:

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    Thanks for posting about the Gilt sale! I scored the Gene tote (which I have been wanting for a long time) for only $129. :yahoo:
  5. My mum just found several Botkier bags on sale at Costco in Charlotte, NC (in a Coach display case.) Prices were in the range of $90-130, I'm approximating here from memory: avocado Venice Satchel and purple Venice Hobo (both $130ish), stone Gene Tote ($90ish), python Hugh crossbody ($100ish?), black Sophia Hobo ($120ish). They had multiple bags in each style when she was there earlier today.

    Yeah, guess I know what I'm getting for Christmas this year :biggrin:
  6. Does anyone know any Alice Aster codes??
  7. Hi. Botkier Bianca medium satchel for $268.32 on

    Add it to your cart and they take an extra 30% off, for a total of $187.82. Don't know how long this offer will last. There are some other Botkier styles also.

    Free shipping. No tax in most states.
  8. friends and family until the 18th

    Lots of botkier marked down and it's extra 25% with the code.. I got a haven satchel for $189 :biggrin:

    code: MARFFEVT
  9. Does anyone know if Luna Boston has a current coupon code? I seem to be finding very old ones and wonder if they even have codes available right now? Thanks!
  10. Expires 03/17: SPRINGCLEAN