Post sales or deals on Botkier here!

  1. I stopped by my Nordstroms today to check out the Anniversary Sale pre-sales. In the handbag section they had one style of Botkier -- looked like either a Vixen or Bryant hobo -- couldn't tell, no elephant or horn, but had a tassel key chain attached. In three colors -- wine patent, silvery patent, and black leather. If I remember correctly they were discounted about $200.
  2. My SA said it was the Bryant hobo, but that changed the elephant charm to a tassel instead. The leather was wonderful! I believe the price was $369.90, or somewhere around there
  3. I'm looking for the Small/Med Sasha in black patent but the best deal I can find is a 10% dicsount code...
  4. lots of botkiers on sale at . there's additional discount codes if you search tpf with keywords sissi rossi .
  5. Yes, it's the Bryant hobo, but I think it has the tassel and the elephant but not horn - hard to say as they don't have them in yet and only have a not so clear pic in the look book. It's coming in Burgandy, Black or Gunmetal patent - if the patent is like the Sasha Duffle patent, it's nice and squishy - I ordered it in the Burgandy so hope I like it -I'll post pics when I get it - hopefully it will be in by the 15th which is when we can pick up all our pre-sale stuff (so much better than trying to get it on the first day of the sale)!
  6. is a local store in Minneapolis (I have shopped there before IRL) and they are really nice...and when they put on a SALE it is a SALE!
  7. Botkier tirgger in turquoise on eBay and an ocean too.
  8. I know has the Raisin Sophie on sale, but it's still a little too steep for me. Anyone know where I can find a Bordeaux or Raisin for a litlle cheaper or anymore coupon codes for funkylala
  9. Botkier on Amazon is an additional 20% off, don't know how long it will last! :tup:
  10. do you have a link or is it through :smile: