Post prices of Korean clinics here!

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Mar 25, 2017
Lena, true Thailand breast surgery price look attractive that's why i did my primary surgery breast in Thailand 11 yrs ago. Got a minor Capsular contraction so breast size went smaller but dr say don't need to remove implant. After i gave birth my breast both side become very asymmetrical . I got it revised last 2 weeks ago at SM Plastic Surgery Korea. Used mentor implant textured, surgery under endoscopic assist. I have almost 0 pain only chest aching. Sec day i manage to lift my hand and wash my hair by myself whereby my primary breast surgery in Thailand was so bad, i was bedded 5 days can't even lift my hand for 14 days. I guess that is the price to pay for. Dr Lee from SM Plastic Surgery Korea, showed me my old implant it's a no brand implant. I thought my previous Thailand Dr told me he used mentor implant, i however i realized i got cheated....thank God all this while my implant didn't breakage if not really in deep price comes with a price to pay after that. Lesson learned.
I agree 110% with this. Be smart about pricing, but never ever base your surgery on price alone. If you are swayed purely by pricing, you are almost certainly going to get into trouble. I know it's easy to fantasize about getting a fantastic deal and walking out of the clinic looking beautiful, but that's not how it ends up being a lot of the time. If your surgery goes wrong, you'll most likely end up paying a lot more for revision. Not to mention some aspects of surgery are irreversible, so even if you have the money the damage cannot be fixed. Think very hard about getting into this plastic surgery business because it can quickly spiral out of control.

This was a lesson I had to learn the really hard way. Trust your instincts, always! If you get a bad feeling about the clinic or doctor, don't do it! Look at the other patients in the clinic. How do their surgeries look? If you feel uncomfortable, get the hell out and don't look back. To this day, I wished I had followed my instincts and canceled my surgery, even though I had flown all that way. Even if you lose a few $1000s from flights and hotels, it means nothing in comparison to living with a horrible result.

And one last point, stay the hell away from Southeast Asia for surgery. Just don't do it.
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Jul 20, 2017
GNG: Rhinoplasty Hump + Tip = 5.5m KRW
Vline = 10m KRW

April 31: Rhinoplasty Hump + Tip = 5.5m KRW
Vline = 9m KRW

DARPS: Rhinoplasty Hump + Tip = 5m KRW
Vline = 9m KRW

MVP: Rhinoplasty Hump + Tip + Alar = 4.5m KRW
Mandible Angle red. = 4m KRW

View: Rhinoplasty Hump + Tip = 4,5m KRW
Vline= 9m KRW


Mar 26, 2016
Here is my quote from The Face Dental
two jaw surgery 9,500,000 KRW
genioplasty: 1,100,000 KRW
mandible boarder shaving: 1,100,000KRW
zygoma 4,400,000krw

I'm pretty surprised, I messaged them on FB but I'm not sure if they know I'm not Korean (I am Chinese American, living in the US, people sometimes think I look Korean) so I do not know if I would be quoted a higher price at the actual consultation when it's obvious I'm not local.

Since mandible border shaving + genioplasty is basically V-Line, isn't this like a 2.2m krw vline? Maybe lower because I intend to do 2jaw? Probably going to skip the zygoma even though the price is low, not sure I really need it...

I just contacted the face dental after reading your quotes because they are very low from what other clinics have quoted me? Have you undergone the surgery yet? How was it? Can I add you on KAKao?


Jul 1, 2017
I was given an online quote of 13k for revision rhino by Apri31. :sad: I was sorry to hear it as I've heard such good things about the Dr. and staff, but that is out of my budget. With all due respect, they have been easy to communicate with and prompt w/replies, & knowledgeable.

Thankfully, no other clinic has quoted me even near that (and noted they were negotiable to boot), so I'm still planning to come to SK. There are many other skilled Dr.'s there, as results on this forum have demonstrated, with much more affordable prices.

In my experience w/PS, I don't agree you always get what you pay for. If that were true, I wouldn't need a revision today.


Mar 9, 2013
Does anyone know the cost at Smallface clinic for Zygoma and mandibular angle procedure? Thank so much!