Post PIPERLIME codes/deals here!

  1. mnll36w9plxq 20%
  2. does any one have one of thsoe $20 off coupon code that they're not using? please PM me

  3. Yeah, I just used it last night and it worked for me, too. :yes: I saved $16 on a pair of Minnetonkas I've been eyeing! Thank you!
  4. I used the code on this page and bought 2 pairs of boots!
  5. me again :smile: I have a piperlime $15 off $60 purchase, expires sunday, first to pm me can have it...
  6. I have a 20% off code that I'm not using...
  7. can someone PLEASE PLEASE PM me 20% code? i would be forever grateful!
  8. Here's a Piperlime code that I don't intend to use, so I thought I'd share:

    D6MPLNQ6WR7G for 20% off - Expires 11/9/08
  9. I am desperate :sad: and have been scouring the thread for months now for a code! If anyone has one to spare please please PM me. :yes:
  10. so, did anyone use it?
  11. Used ... Thanks!!
  12. The code I am not using


    Good till Nov. 9th
  13. take it, thanks!
  14. please PM me. i would really appreciate it. thanks in advance!
  15. Please PM me!