Post PIPERLIME codes/deals here!

  1. well all of those codes expired on 9/28. i think you would have to wait a little bit until the new promo codes come out.
  2. Anyone has a new Piperlime code? Please, please, please PM me. Thank you
  3. Piperlime code that I received in the mail yesterday (expires 11/9):

  4. Svadur, thank you so much. I just used the code to buy the boots I really wanted (and actually needed).
  5. i have an extra code that someone can have.
  6. sorry! it's been taken..

  7. if someone could pm me an extra piperlime code, i'd be much appreciative; tia!
  8. thanks so much!!! you are too nice :smile:
  9. Okay, I'd love a code if anyone has an extra :smile:
  10. Me too, if anyone has an extra code they don't need, I would love to buy a pair of oxfords off Piperlime.

  11. Sent you one.
  12. Me too please. If someone has an extra can you please PM me. Thanks so much!
  13. could anyone please PM if you have an extra code? many thanks!
  14. I would love one too if someone has one. :smile: I want to get these Seychelles shoes (since I'm allergic to leather). I know.. it's sad.

  15. oooh!!! me too me too!! Please send me a code!:cutesy: