Post pictures WEARING your Twiggys!

  1. Okay, my picture-viewing quotient for today is WAY down. People, let's get to it! I checked the Wearing thread and there are not a lot of Twiggy-wearing photos. I know that I am starting to seriously consider this style but I need a little enabling. Can you all please indulge my love of pictures and my shopaholism at the same time and post Twiggy pics? Tell me your height too, and I'd love to see pics of all the different ways of wearing it.
  2. I feel so alone and neglected...anyone?
  3. Just for you.....this is 07 naturel twiggy

  4. Awww....I was going to post some yesterday but I figured everyone is sick of seeing me with mine! Oh you go:
    me&twigs.JPG meandtruff2.jpg metruffle2.JPG meandtruff3rev.JPG
  5. Great pics guys thanks for sharing!!!
  6. More Twiggy pix - I know there are more!

  7. deb- those look so great on you! your pics always make me want to trya Twiggy!

    p.s. William says Hi :p
  8. Awwww, thank you!!!!! Give that baby boy a kiss for me!! :kiss: And do try a Twiggy! :heart:
  9. Never tired of your Twigs, Deb. You look so happy with those bags (who can blame you - they complement your coloring and you look fabulous wearing both at once).
  10. White( regret but sold it), ink, rose, '05 caramel




  11. :tender: Thank you Melisande're so sweet for saying that. I do love my bags and really need another one! LOL!!! I want a fun springtime pop of color! So many choices...hmmmm.
  12. sweetie, here's some of my old pics
    i'm 5'4"


  13. Powder, I love your Rose Twiggy! It's SO pretty!
  14. Ladies, you all look fabulous!:heart:Great threat idea!:yes:
  15. That style TOTALLY suits you!!! Both are beautiful!! Cool Haircut too!!!!!:jammin: