post pictures of yourselves!

  1. i guess i will be the first to do it, if thiis isn't allowed you can delete my post! anyways this is me and my inferno stellina. i am 30 years old, and i reside in vancouver, british columbia, canada. i'm a full-time design student going to art school.


    okay your turn!

  2. omggg awesome idea :p

    This is me :biggrin: (No toki bags in the pic :sad:) I am 18, and I'm currently a biological sciences major at the University at Buffalo (freshman!!)~
  3. aw you ladies are so pretty.
  4. You both are so pretty ^_^

    I'm a little camrea shy so I probably won't participate in this thread :x but I will comment!
  5. Awww come on :p Just one pic!!
  6. This is me.. I am 24 and live in People tell me I dont look older then Which I guess will be great when I am older...haha :p

  7. Wow haha I'd definitely say you were my age :yes:
  8. Here's me and my hubby! The wedding picture is 4 years old but I think he looks cute in it!!



  9. lol.. Well in spirit , I'm a teenager...;).. or a goofy
  10. Omg, you go to UB?! My friend goes there, she's also a freshman, you may know her, her name is Darlene Donnarumma.
  11. omg hahah small world~ No, I don't know her, unfortunately. What's her major?
  12. She didn't declare it yet, and she's also not living in the dorms because she was one of the students that were promised a dorm, but since they were overbooked, the school gave her an apartment instead. I do know that she's on the dance team.
  13. DSC01678.JPG

    im on the left =)

    im 19 and im in second year university! people say i look 24 or 25...haha!!!
  14. Here are baby and I a few months ago. Baby is much bigger now. :p