post pictures of your stellinas!

  1. i dont have one yet, but my sis is bringing one home from korea! im not sure which print since we're seeing whats availible, but id love to see everyones!!! so post some pics :yes:
  2. i love the stellina! it's a great hands-free bag, perfect size for going out. i've got 2 of them... see the last 2 pics. in this post - playground tan and spiaggia. it's hard to get a good placement on a stellina though (esp. if it's a scene print), but if you do... it's one amazing bag!

    please share pics. of yours when you get your stellina too. good luck! :biggrin:
  3. Agree with crazygirl about the stellina. :smile:It's the perfect size and the pockets are great for organizing your stuff. Here are pics of my pirata stellina:
    pirata_stellina_front.jpg pirata_stellina_back.jpg
  4. This is my only stellina - amore.
    i have not used it yet but I know it is going to be perfect to caryy all my stuff although the strap could ve a little tad longer.
    AmoreStellinaFront.JPG AmoreStellinBack.JPG
  5. oooo super cute stellinas!!
    i want to see your collection pic julicrystal!
  6. Here is my Stellina that I got off eBay (no qee). I've read up on fakes and from everything I can tell it is authentic, I hope it is. I love the style and it is my favorite everyday bag.
    P1010688.jpg P1010690.jpg
  7. Here's my stellina. I got this off of eBay as well. I was so happy because it actually came with a qee!! I did some research on this bag and so far it seems real to me! I'm happy to have it.


  8. i have pics of my stellina on my collection link down here on my signature ;)
  9. wow youre pretty lucky yours came with a meomi qee! my stellina didnt :sad: