Post pictures of your REISSUE FLAPS & REISSUE WOCs!

  1. Though I've posted my 225 bordeaux reissue already... these are much better pics! Eye candy for the girls! $1875 - Pre Fall 2006 price

  2. 2007 Cruise Dark Silver Reissue in 225 size. Ohhh the color is breathtaking and tdf IRL! $1995 (new cruise prices)

  3. Here is my latest baby.
    Navy Patent Re-Issue $2,195.00 plus tax
    Size: 226
    navyre.JPG navyre2.JPG
  4. For the reference files.
    Here are the interior shots of my Navy Patent Reissue bag.
    Size: 226
    navyre3.JPG navyre4.JPG
  5. This is my new Reissue 227 (large size) navy patent with gold hardware. I love it, love it, love it!
    LRS Chanel 5-26-07.jpg LRS Chanel close 5-26-07.jpg LRS Chanel far 5-26-07.jpg
  6. My dark silver reissue size 225
  7. My New Navy Patent Reissue

    Size: 227

    Approximately: 12" x 7.5" x 2.5"

    Tags: A300227 Y04370
    Classic Bag with Flap
    94015 - DK Navy Blue

    Price: $2375
    DSC04820.JPG DSC04819.JPG
  8. Reissue in Rose Gold 227
    length is around 12in.
    Photo-0267.jpg Photo-0265.jpg
  9. White Reissue 227

    the flap makes the closure look gold but its not of course.

  10. Navy Patent reissue 227

  11. [​IMG]

    Another pic of the 2.55 Reissue in White (227)
  12. My Dark Gold Reissue

    Size: 227

    Approximately: 12" x 7.5" x 2.5"

    Tags: *forgot sorry*
    DK Gold (written on the tags)

    Price: $2090
    DSC04826.JPG DSC04827.JPG DSC04828.JPG
  13. Dark Silver Reissue in 227

    Retail? I paid 2400 for it
    DSC02604.jpg DSC02605.jpg DSC02606.jpg DSC02607.jpg DSC02608.jpg
  14. A couple more:p
    DSC02609.jpg DSC02610.jpg DSC02611.jpg DSC02616.jpg
  15. IceEarl 2005 2.55_13 1A.jpg IceEarl 2005 2.55_13 005A.jpg IceEarl 2005 2.55_2.jpg IceEarl 2005 2.55_3.jpg IceEarl 2005 2.55_7.jpg