Post pictures of your REISSUE FLAPS & REISSUE WOCs!

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  1. 17A Lucky charms in size 225 :hbeat: got all my favorite chanel symbols :yes:

    124D012B-0601-48BC-AE34-85052EE08B73.jpeg E2981F88-D3D6-48F3-83DC-40B4834E0A11.jpeg 38B7E5F0-F539-4C33-9303-60F04B600D01.jpeg E4B096BB-7AF2-4889-8B82-6AF1D24AE65C.jpeg 4430D974-16C9-4338-B770-AF5E52263F71.jpeg
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  2. Ready for some «me time».
    Not often I get to wear this beauty, but it’s my favorite bag (small children = no fancy bags)

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  3. IMG_4495.jpg
    My vintage reissue~
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  4. My new love. Classic black quilted reissue WOC with aged silver hw. IMG_1536216179.488453.jpg
  5. My favorite everyday reissue Karls Cabas tote in black quilted calfskin and silver hw IMG_1536216304.706829.jpg
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  6. My chevron reissue in aged calfskin, size 225, antique gold hardware.
    Bought in Paris in Fall 2018, retailed for €4,480.00 pre VAT refund.

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  7. #487 Feb 21, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2019
    4348361[/ATTACH] I can’t wait to take this to dinner![/ATTACH]

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  8. Just got her
    reissue 225, colour anthracite with goldish-brownish undertone, priced €4800

    IMG_0330.jpg IMG_0402.jpg
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  9. In love with my new 2.55 red velvet with vintage gold hardware. The perfect shade of red! FC67A0E4-EA30-4A86-943F-121A8BEA5099.jpeg
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