Post pictures of your REISSUE FLAPS & REISSUE WOCs!

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  1. #1 Sep 2, 2006
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 20, 2010
    Please post photos of any Reissue style bags here!

    No chatting please, you may PM the member or post a new thread if you have a question about their post.:yes:

    Oooh, and PLEASE consider watermarking your photos before posting them, PLEASE!?
  2. Here is a picture of my 226 (medium) reissue in Gray with Silver hardware. Also, is my medium black caviar classic with Gold Hardware (with Alexander Mcqueen skull charm). I have a picture with the Chanel tags showing price (but has gone up since I bought them) and style number. If you cann't see the price tags, the reissue was $1,995.00 and the Classic $1,475.00 I believe the classic is now $1,595.00

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  3. Since I took such good close-ups of my other two bags I thought I would post this for reference also.

    11" across
    6 - 6 1/2" tall
    3 1/2 wide
    8 1/2" drop

    Light as a feather.

    As I was taking pics of it my 9 year old son said "Mom, you are not returning that purse. I even like it and I'm a man!":heart: :lol: :heart:

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  4. 2005 Black w/gold chain 226
    2006 Dark gold w/silver chain 226
    2006 dark white w/silver chain 226
    Retail on all three $1,995

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  5. [​IMG]Reissues
    Ivory jumbo caviar
    black caviar jumbo and black lambskin classic
    White classic (east west)
  6. 2006 Black with silver reissue (226). I think it retails for $1995.

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  7. My black with silver hardware 2006 Reissue - large size/227. I believe it was $2195.

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  8. Black and white jumbo caviars. Grey 2005 reissue.

  9. Classic flaps with silver hardware and Dark Gold (aka Bronze) reissue. Extra photo of the Navy classic to see true color since the collection pic was a lil dark.

    Style number and year of origin info (e.g. o6p = 2006) on the boxes. The boxes for Pink and Black are in one pic and for the Dark Gold and Navy are in another pic. No box for the white one.

    Prices don't include tax:
    The black was $1285 in 2000.
    Dark Gold reissue was $2090 in 2006.
    The pink was $1650 in 2005.

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  10. Since there is already a pic of the black reissue with gold hardware on this thread, I am attaching a photo of the zipper pull of the bag (mine is a 2005 reissue, size 226). It has a piece of leather attached to it. Note the "EP" marking.

    I had posted a thread way back about zippers. I am about to clean up my photobucket albums, so I am attaching the pic instead of linking to it this time.

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  11. 227 dark bronze reissue. It cost $2090.00 and fits alot!

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  12. Sorry Ladies, don't know what happened :confused1: , I can see them , but here they are again.......hope this works!

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  13. Dark Silver Reissue from Cruise collection

    Size 226
    Price $2,195

    Also, in comparison to darkgold reissue (retail $1,995)

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    some great reference info Layla put together for us: OLD pricing!

    The Classic Flap Bag comes in three sizes:

    Small - 9" W x 5.5" H x 2" D $1,495.00 Caviar + $100.00 more for lambskin

    Medium - 10" x 6" x 2.5" $1,595.00 Caviar + $100.00 more for the lambskin

    Jumbo - 12" x 8" x 3" $1,695.00 Caviar + $100.00 more for the lambskin

    The sizes for the Reissue 2.55:

    $1795 A302224: - The Baby 7.5 W x 5.75 H x 1.75 D inches

    $1895 A302225: - Small 9.75" x 7.06" x 2.16"

    $1995 A302226: - Medium 11" x 8" x 2.5"

    $2095 A302227: - Large 12.25" x 9.18" x 2.5"

    $2495 A302228: - The X-Large aka Jumbo 14.2" x 9.8" x 3"
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  15. I think there are FIVE sizes in the reissue and I'm pretty sure they make a 228.