post PICTURES of your PETS!

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  1. goodness, i have doggie fever! a bad case of it.
    up until last week i just knew i wanted a yorkie terrier (been settled on that idea for almost a year now)...but now, after seeing the dog below on a tv program, i'm in love all over again! :love:

    would someone please tell me what dog breed this is?


  2. isn't this a Maltezer? Also, look under 'Animalicious' there's also a thread with everyone's pets!
  3. no, it's not a maltezer, but thanks.
  4. hmmm, a pomerian then?
  5. yep! thank you roxana!
  6. awww check out the animalicious section, we have loads of piccies of our pets in there!!!
  7. This is a duplicate thread..please feel free to post in our ANIMALICIOUS section!LOTSA PICS THERE!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.