post pictures of your non-Muse YSL bags!

  1. nothing against the Muse, it's a beautiful style for sure, it would just be fun to start a thread of photos of our non-Muse YSL bags! i will add a picture of me wearing my bow bag later, but for now here she is relaxing at home...

  2. super cute!
  3. It's gorgeous! Is it vintage?
  4. ^thanks gals! no, not vintage, but that's part of the charm and a big part of why i bought that bag - it's the YSL bow bag in honey. they also have them in black and metallic bronze.. at least, they did. i saw one in honey on eBay the other day.
  5. Gorgeous bag and a beautiful pic.
  6. I'm in love with that bow bag, its so elegant.
  7. My YSL next ysl purchase will be a downtown bag
    Ysl Purses2.jpg
  8. ^wow! fab collection! love the yellow one.. sorry, not too familiar with the name ;)
  9. I absolutely love that bow bag!! I saw a gal at the mall wearing one yesterday and I had to research it down to find that it is YSL. There are black, pink and honey on eBay right now.
  10. i saw that 'pink' one and it's so bizarre, i've never heard of YSL doing a pink one. the lighting looks bad in that photo so it's hard to tell what the actual shade is.

    you should get one, it's a lovely unique bag and it holds loads! :yes:
  11. My YSL bow bag (also in honey) is one of my favorite bags, by far. It's also the one I baby the most.