Post pictures of your newest home decor items!

  1. ^Thank you! It is really big so I will purchase a smaller one! :p
  2. Love Missoni patterns, good score they look like new. Congrats!

    Fab decanter, Many congrats! I like your green vase!
    I had one and I broke it by mistake, but we don't drink wine and I never replaced it...:roflmfao:

    Oh you should check out the White Company, even if you don't buy anything, they have nice deco ideas that I like. Cheaper than buying deco magazines, I'm so cheap!!! lol

    I love the multi frame it is gorgeous!
    I have very few photos in my home, I just printed the first of me in London from our last visit! :shame: I have a few of my dog and many of DH when he was a baby.:p

    Thank you! I love this sheet!
    I got a candle chandelier for the dining room from Ikea. There was no ceiling fixture, I tried to put one and the wire doesn't have any electricity, so I just hang this thing with candles for deco as we have floor lamps that work beautifully.

  3. Thanks Lily! Your new chandelier is beyond gorgeous! It will be a wonderful accent to the dining room especially when you light all the candles!
  4. Grr I got some new photo frames today and it took so long trying to get them in the frame...they kept slipping out of place, had to blue tac them in the end...going to make the bf do the next lot because I wanted to throw it out of the window!!!!

    I also got this for the lounge:,brand

    Plus salt and peppers mills...
  5. here's my target missoni haul :smile: i went way over budget but i'm super happy with the pieces that i was able to get.

  6. Lovely canvas!

    What a haul! Love the patterns!

  7. thanks loub. i'm pretty impressed with the quality of everything. most times the collabs are so disappointing.
  8. Love that chandelier, Lily.
  9. I forgot that today was Missoni day - your stuff is nice!

  10. thanks addict! i'm probably not keeping the duvet set but super happy with everything else. we're in the middle of trying to sell our condo so i'm just going to store everything away until we move.
  11. You might want to put the duvet set on eBay rather than return it. It's all over the news how quickly this collection has sold out - it seems like people are already making a tidy profit by selling the Missoni stuff on eBay.
  12. i can't..i just can't! i complained so much and was so annoyed at the people there that were hoarding all the good only sell on ebay. it's just wrong. so many people missed out because of these jerks...i just can't be one of them..i really hope people aren't paying those inflated prices so that these sellers end up losing money or having to return it.

    there was this guy there just hoarding all this stuff and he was on the phone with someone else going over what they could sell everything for...i wanted to ram him with my cart.

    then the SA had the nerve to ask me if i was buying everything in my cart..i was watching my client's cart..he bought like 1300 worth of stuff for his house..i'm just going to sell the duvet set to him.
  13. That's horrible! I didn't realize things were going down in such a bad way. I just thought it sold out because everyone was excited - I guess I had my naive moment for the year! It's nice of you to sell it to your client. :smile:
  14. ^ insanity... It was the same during the Lanvin for H&M, everyone was buying whatever they could get of the shelves to sell on ebay. :tdown:

  15. :lol: greedy people make me angry too!