Post pictures of your newest home decor items!

  1. lily, i love the sheets!
  2. Wow! Lily... awesome stuffs!

    Oh and nice pink!
  3. Thank you!!! I have so many beautiful sheets & pillowcases my granny made with her hands, she is very into crafts!:biggrin:
    She started it when I was born (she was only 38 at the time) and she was keeping everything in a big chest. She was very sad I wouldn't use any, even after I was married, so I just decided to indulge in a bit of lace and femininity in my bedroom this year and pick up my stuff from her!

    Thanks loli!!!:smile:

  4. I love both!

  5. So cute! I remember the first thing I did once living alone again (after sep from my now ex-husband) was make my bedroom all nice and girly. I really like those lamps from Ikea they are inexpensive and can be used in practically any room in the home.
  6. Such magnificent pieces in this thread....Love Home decor!

    These two pieces are gorgeous together!!! :love:

  7. [​IMG]
    missoni home cushions I scored secondhand!
  8. ooh, cool!

    i can't wait until the missoni target launch..i'm hoping to get a couple pillows, throws and dishes.
  9. I don't know if this counts as home decor, but I just purchased this decanter from Pottery Barn...
  10. ^cool
  11. ^ Thanks! It is huge...but it just means that I have add more wine! :graucho:
  12. keep the pics coming! I love peeking in here :biggrin:
  13. I got this for the lounge:,brand

    I have put all my photos in and its on the wall. I also got 2 of these:

    I have put one photo in a frame and put onto the staircase wall alongside my collage of Africa photos from a few years ago. I just need one more photo for the other frame but I think I will wait and take some upto date photos. Putting up photos has made me realise how few I have so I have made it my mission to take more!!

    We dont seem to have bought much decor yet which is something thats definately needed, I want some kind of painting for the walls but I have no idea what!!

    Suggestions from the UK would be much appreciated!!!!
  14. The table and chair look amazing together - love them both!

    I like your pink room - and the crochet bow sheet/overlay in the last picture is exquisite.

    Anything that encourages more wine drinking is fine by me! ;) Seriously, that's a beautiful decanter.