Post pictures of your newest home decor items!

  1. Great ! I love kare :yes:
  2. David Bowie print

  3. Went To Hobby Lobby Today And Scored A Beautiful Paris Themed Framed Art Picture For 90% Off...$3.99!​
    Paris Picture Frame ~ 90% Off!.jpg
  4. poster

  5. i got these prints back in may (the pastel one i won at an auction along with another one that i need to frame.) i wasn't sure where to put them but it turns out the pastel print (from etsy) matches the dior plates in my hutch. :smile:

    i'm really impatient about framing so neither really looks perfect. the poster i had to cut down and should have waited to bring it into the office and use a paper cutter. instead i hacked it with scissors and it is still slightly too big so it looks a little lumpy :sad:
    newart1.jpg newart2.jpg newart3.jpg newart4.jpg
  6. Love this ♥
  7. Not Really Home Decor...But A Great Organizational Product For My DVD Collection.

    Init Clear DVD Media Storage.

    They Were $4.99 Each On Sale @ Best Buy.
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    Thank you :smile:
    I'm a huge fan of Naxart

    new lamp

  9. Lol it reminds me of M&M's :p
  10. Awesome!
  11. i have a large crack up my wall that no amount of fixing has gotten to go away permanently so instead i got these butterflies off etsy. they cover the crack and bring color to my wall :smile:
  12. ^The butterflies looks great!
  13. I decorated the bowl myself. They sell something like this at the store for 32 euro's (34 dollar?) ImageUploadedByPurseForum1377562673.884031.jpg
  14. Thanks!
  15. Nice colors!

    Too bad I don't live closer, I know how to fix cracks in walls. LOL. :smile: