Post pictures of your newest home decor items!

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  1. Love the trunk, carpet, AND kitty! :smile:
  2. Thank you! :cutesy:
  3. Looking forward to seeing the finished product with your lovelies inside!!
  4. That's how you know it's a winner....kitty likes it! It's gorgeous!

  5. The cat clock is AWESOME!!
  6. Thanks. I got it from an artist and he makes all of these clocks by hand. There are many many different types. I just loved this one though but all the others were super cute.

  7. I totally agree! :cool:
  8. I bought this new vase and I totally love, love, love it! :cloud9:

  9. Very nice finds!

  10. I like this look! Have been thinking of doing this too. I currently have leather chocolate brown tufted chairs and a round table. I may go for it but first have to decide what to do with my current chairs.

  11. I've always liked bistro sets, thinking of getting one for my front porch. I like this one!
  12. My Pinterest project. I absolutely LOVE seeing these as I pull up to my house! Please excuse #4's lack of flowers. It's a mini rosebush and I cut the flowers right after I potted it.
  13. I love this! #4 is excused!:biggrin:
  14. Oh wow this is cute. I would totally do this if I had my own place.
  15. I love that bistro table! I saw one almost identical to that at Walmart or Home Depot, can't remember.