Post pictures of your newest home decor items!

  1. I LOVE this!!> May I ask where you ordered it from?

  2. I have been looking at fixtures for our new construction. I have to say I want mutiple for the same place. lol. I like them all and want them all. I'm slightly obsessed with light fixtures now.

    I'd love to see a picture of it up. Also, where did you get it?
  3. It's from Restoration Hardware, here

    For some reason I can't get my picture to post right now, but here's a link to it. If that doesn't work, I'll try again once I get home. It took almost until July to get it up, since RH sent the wrong hardware mountings for it, and couldn't find/send the correct pieces until 2 months after we bought it. Was a total nightmare, but the end result was worth it as it looks stunning in the foyer.
  4. Pictures I just got from Urban Barn (less than $50 for both!)

  5. I have to say I liked it alot in your picture, but I love it even more seeing it on the website. I was leaning toward this from pottery barn for the dining room. I'd love the one like yours for my living room or entryway. Our living room is 17x18 with 10 ft ceilings, so I think it would look perfect. Thanks for giving me the link.

  6. Great deal!
  7. new couch and vintage Jielde lamp (old french factory lamp)
  8. Beautiful space and that vintage lamp is exquisite!
  9. Beautiful comforter! Looks as though it may be on the bed sideways? Usually the pattern will run vertically. Love the colors!
  10. I thought it was weird that the pattern runs horizontally, but it does. I even checked on the website where I bought it, in their picture & video they have it the same way I have the comforter on my bed.

    Thank You for the sweet comment!

  11. What size is this print? Thanks!

  12. The one I have is 40" X 30" and it's from
  13. Thanks.

    For some reason I am not being notified of quotes so only saw your reply now.