Post pictures of your newest home decor items!

  1. I love seeing home decor and getting ideas from blogs, magazines, etc.

    My latest purchase is an accent lamp for my living room.

  2. i love the texture on the looks like a very soothing pretty blue.
  3. Cool lamp!
  4. I am gonna love this subforum! I just re-did my bedroom! Will take some pics tonight :biggrin:
  5. Can't wait!

    I'm on this huuuuge interior decorating kick. Not that I've actually done anything except look at pictures.....;)

  6. I love home decor and decorating! I am always watching HGTV! :biggrin:
  7. I bought a new sofa, a marble coffee table and a jute rug in the past few months. I'm still looking for side chairs and a bigger dining table than what we have.
    1053.jpg Martin Sofa in the store 002.jpg img9l.jpg
  8. New kitchen lighting


    and backsplash tile

  9. Bedroom chandelier


    I found these cute lil mirrored boxes the other day, I couldn't decide whether or not to get the larger one or the small one so I got both. I placed the smaller one on my night stand. And the larger one on my dresser. I really like them.


  10. I also have a new pendant light in my upstairs hallway...


    And a new light in my family room...

  11. Cakegirl - I love your simple style - great taste!
    Nice - I love the new stuff~

    The only new "home" thing I've bought recently is this green pot in the middle I used to plant my lettuce. It is from Portugal, via TJ Maxx :amuse:


    I have too much clutter - DF and I are outgrowing our apartment, plus any stuff I have been buying has been for the upcoming wedding. I am holding off on homw stuff until we get a house!!!!!
  12. :ty: :biggrin:

    I like it! I love green! I have lots of it in my kitchen.
    I admire your ability to grow lettuce, I can barely keep a houseplant alive :giggles:
  13. I love those! where are they from?
  14. I found them at Ross! They always have the most Random cute finds for the home.
  15. Love that chandelier Fab. I would love to have one in my bedroom but I do not have a ceiling light in there.