Post pictures of your makeup bag.. inside and out!

  1. Post pictures of your makeup bag.. inside and out!
  2. You don't want to see mine! It's messy and overstuffed... so bad! And the saddest part is that I have SEVERAL of them... I totally need to be more organized when it comes to makeup. I'm bad!
  3. I'm the same as SoxFan, Mine are usually messy. I don't have a nice makeup bag. Its just something random and cheap that I don't mind getting dirty.
  4. I dont have a nice one that I use. I use a Lancome Makeup bag now. They always look like crap within a month or so . This way I can throw them out. I bought the vernis LV makeup bag but I cannot put makeup in it. I am scared I will ruin it. :s
  5. I always want an expensive one, but they are usually too structured for my taste. The one I am using was $4.99 at H&M, and it is so squishy that it can fit in any bag, depending on how much is in it. With just lipgloss and some powder it takes up almost no space, but I can put everything I use and more in it for weekend trips.

    It is purple velvet-like material on the outside and a purple satiny material on the inside:
  6. I don't keep my makeup collection in a bag, because they don't even make them that big!... It would be too heavy to lift! :p

    This is the little one I carry in my purse on a daily basis-- it was a freebie from Lancome and lipgloss charm is from Sephora. You can't tell the size from the pic, but it fits in the palm of my hand. Right now it contains: Chanel lipgloss in Sundress, mini strawberry lotion, VS Supermodel mini perfume, Lola concealer, Juju lip cream, hair elastics and an Estee Lauder Lucidity pressed powder compact :cutesy:
    makeup bag1.JPG makeup bag2.JPG makeup bag3.JPG
  7. I use my LeSportsac cosmetic bag. It's cheap, I love the print and I don't have to worry about any of my cosmetics leaking and ruining the's washable and easily replaceable anyway.

    This pic was taken months ago, but the contents are basically the same, except for the lipsticks (I rotate shades on a regular basis)

  8. I love your makeup bag, is that a stila brush I see? Also, what is the Barbie MAC product, is it pressed powder? It has very cute packaging.:tup:
  9. Here is my Hello Kitty makeup bag, it was a Bath & Body Works exclusive a few years back. I :heart: it soooooooooooooo much, it holds a ton!


  10. Cute and it's so pink! How does that VS perfume smell?
  11. This is very cute and unique and a good deal at $4.99! It looks like it holds a lot.
  12. My blush brush is from Bloom. The Barbie MAC product is a Beauty Powder, it gives a nice glow (worn over blush or alone)

    The other contents are:
    Shiseido eyelash curler
    Kiss Me Mascara in Black
    MAC lipliner (I think this is Subculture)
    MAC lipsticks
    MAC blush (that's Peaches, I think. Now I use Angel more often)
    Oil Blotting Sheets
    Blister Block
    As you can tell, I'm a MAC girl.

  13. And now I am obsessed. How long ago did you buy it???

  14. I SWEAR by the foot blister blocker stuff too!!

  15. Same with me. Plus it takes up too much room!!!!

    PS- sorry to have so many posts....not sure how to multiquote different messages. I know there is that button, but it doesn't seem to work for me!