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    I was thinking we could have a thread where people post their Rebecca Minkoff bags since so many colors are out there, just depends where you look, and so many terrific linings. I'll start with the one I just got this week- Mini Morning After in charcoal w/ black basket weave, gotten at


    SEASON (if known)


    ******NO CHATTING--PICS ONLY******
    P9250016.JPG P9250017.JPG P9250018.JPG P9250015.JPG
  2. oh Duranie I love that one, it's beautiful! Here's my cream MA mini.
  3. I bought the chain from her website... I hope it adds and does not detract from the beauty of it..
  4. Morning After mini in Chocolate.


    I returned this, but here is the regular size Morning After, also in Chocolate.

  5. I have a emerald green mini morning after!! yay!
    IMG_0635.JPG IMG_0636.JPG IMG_0638.JPG IMG_0640.JPG
  6. Here are pics of my Royal MA...I know I have posted these before, but I :heart: her so much!!!
    That Emerald is stunning, too :smile:
    IMG_0166.jpg IMG_0167.jpg IMG_0168.jpg
  7. Here is one in the regular size, was a pearly pink, limited edition. I sold it, it was too big for me.
    P8270005.JPG P8300013.JPG P8300019.JPG P8300017.JPG P8300018.JPG
  8. I love that pearly pink, it's kinda like a giant pool of nail polish.

    Here are pictures of the inside of my cream one.
    inside rm1.jpg inside rm2.jpg
  9. here's a pic of my mini in blue that I recently got from active endeavors. it kind of looks like a bluish grey in the pic, it isnt a deep blue but i like it.
  10. ma_002.jpg


    Here are pics of my ma mini in nude. The leather is soo soft.
  11. Here is one that Style Diary user wanna-be-carrie has:

  12. Here are some comparison pics taken with LV Speedy 30, for those of you who are debating between the regular and mini size.

    Regular Morning After, a bit bigger than a Speedy 30.

    Mini Morning After, a bit smaller, or maybe about the same size as a Speedy 30.
  13. Here are the pics of my new MAB in Dark Gray...


  14. a few pics of hayden carrying her MA mini



  15. I have the MA Mini in green, I love it!