post pictures of your light coloured BVs!

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  1. hey gals! i haven't seen a thread like this on the board yet, unless i've missed a really old post - i would love to see some of your LIGHT COLOURED BVs!! i'm especially interested in seeing the woven ones, but anything goes!

    as summer is coming around, it would be great to have some inspiration as to what might be a nice investment...

    thanks in advance! :yes::yes:
  2. This is my braided handle tote in cervo leather in the Poudre color.
    BV Tote 001_edited-1.jpg
  3. ^^OMG! That's such a beautiful bag!!
  4. Wiping up drool!

  5. That handbag is so gorgeous! I LOVE the color!:yahoo:
  6. MAMA!!:drool:
  7. Boxermom-- I think that's the bag I was drooling over at NM recently!!! Love everything about it! the design, the thick woven handle, and the yummy ice cream poudre color!!!!
  8. Here's my peach continental! :heart:

    I am not sure what this color was officially called and what season/year it is from. Can someone enlighten me please? :rolleyes:

    Also what is the official name of this wallet style? I just call it the 'smaller continental'...does anyone know? :confused1:

    I'm still a BV newbie! :p
    peach_wallet_front_reference.jpg peach_wallet_inside_reference.jpg peach_wallet_inside_2_reference.jpg
  9. ^^Ooooo - pretty color!!! Love the peach! I think that's known as a "french wallet", right?

    p.s. did you find this at aff? She had one last month I had my eye on.
  10. ^ :graucho: ;) yes, you are correct!!! Looks like u and I have similar taste for colorful BV!!! I had my eye on it for a while and finally when she had a one day sale, I ended up buying it!

    But about the tag on ur wallet...I can't find an authenticity tag on mine either! I just checked after reading ur post! :confused1: Perhaps some wallets don't have it sewn into them? I'm going to check my parma zip...
  11. ^^It makes me feel sooo much better that yours doesn't either.
    Mine had a tag - it was just in the box with my wallet, not sewn in....?
  12. ^ the feel of the leather and the font all check out on my french...i just checked the parma and it DOES have the tag sewn yours on the way should too!

    Perhaps, it is just on the continentals? I am sure u have nothing to worry about!...your tag looks like the ones inside peach didn't come w/one of em...just the leather care card.
  13. Mintpearl, that's a pretty wallet--I haven't seen that color; I'd have picked one up if I had. I do believe it's a French wallet, like Beauxgoris said. I have one in Parma(purple) that I have "in reserve". Had to get one before they were gone!
  14. :nuts:

    That's the first "peach" I've seen! What season is it from? It's yummy! :yes: