Post pictures of your home/condo

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  1. Do we have one of these already? I tried searching and couldn't find anything.

    If we don't, we do now
  2. I don't know if there is a thread but it is a good idea! I love seeing different homes. I will post some pics!
  3. Great, I'm not finished doing our condo yet but here are some pictures so far

    Two are of our bedroom

    Then there's my unfinished office/gym/guest room- which is just a mess right now, we need to paint and finish organizing/decor

    and a sneak peek at the living room, 95% done so I can't show it all.

    and finally just a glipse of a teeny part of our patio (which is a serious luxury here in Vancouver with the price of homes)

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  4. I don't think this is a good idea. Unless you want people to know who you are and where you live.
  5. How can people know who you are or where you live from posting pictures of the interior of your house? Or did you think we meant the exteriors?
  6. I thought you meant both. However, if someone has been to your house they'll know who are you through this thread. I like to annoymous online, but to each their own. However, if you post here, don't talk smack about your inlaws, family, or friends.
  7. Haha!


    1. People would have to do a ton of thread searching to figure out it's me.

    2. I generally try not to post things that I will later regret

    3. Complaining about your boyfriend is inevitable, he knows I do it!

    4. Writing negative things about friends or inlaws online is never a good idea!

    5. My avatar is of me, so I'm SOL
  8. ^^^Oh, nevermind. People know who you are anyway.
  9. We've done some improvements since buying our house last year. We put crown molding in the dining room. I attached a picture of before and after. We love molding. I also attached a living room pic of some beadboard.

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  10. I love crown molding!

    It makes such a difference, yours looks fantastic! Even more so, wow that beadboard looks chic. Great way to add character to a home.

    I would like to add some beadboard around the dinning area in our condo and we will add crown some time in the future.
  11. We love molding too. I want to do crown in my daughter's room next. I painted her room two different shades of blue (she picked them out) and I feel like it needs the molding to complete it. Also we want to do a chair rail and picture frame molding in the dining room.

    I attached a pic of the corner of my daughter's room. Molding will complete the look, I think.
  12. Hm, didn't work. Here is the picture!

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  13. Yes Crown molding will do well in her room. I like the mixture of the blues, very creative. Have you a little interior designer on your hands? lol

    The Crown will do especially well in there because it will help balance out the blues and tie in more of the white so it doesn't look so color block. Is the furniture mostly white as well?

    I love love love chair rail in dinning room, and I lOVE frame molding. I wanted to put the frame molding against the dominant wall in my office, it's so so elegant (perfect with my feminine classic style in here)

    Are you in the design industry or are you just a very savvy home owner?

    PS If I can make a suggestion, get her some thicker white curtains that would really make the whites pop
  14. oh, beautiful pics of your homes. I have to struggle now.
  15. We watch a lot of HGTV home shows! My daughter is 10 and knows all the verbiage. She loves those shows and may just grow up to be a designer! Her favorite is Spice up My Kitchen. She knows all the latest cabinets, counter tops, appliances, etc. So funny!

    I'm totally not in the design industry but my mother-in-law could be! Her home is gorgeous and she is constantly doing new things. They just put in a beautiful new wrought-iron and glass front door. I would love one of those!!

    I like the idea of the thicker white curtains. We got the sheers for now. She does have white furniture-- white bed, white desk/shelves/desk chair and white dresser. It is a nice sized room.