Post pictures of your Giant Brief and tell us your height

  1. I want to buy a black Giant Brief with GH but first I want to see how it looks on. I am 5'1". I live in California so I can't try one on before purchasing from Bal NY. Their return policy is pretty strict - exchanges/store credit only so I want to be sure before I buy. Thanks for your help.
  2. I have purchased a vert d'eau giant brief in december and then changed it for a natural brief...:love:
    I'm 5.3 :sad:
    Bale 029.jpg Giant Brief v. d'eau 008.jpg Giant Brief v. d'eau 007.jpg
  3. ooh good thread! I am interested also as this bag is really growing on me ...
  4. lovin this bag on Nicki:

  5. Ooo....LOVELY!!! i love the natural brief on you!! congrats!!
  6. Man! I've been wavering about the GH on the brief thinking that at 5'4" and quite a few more pounds than Nicole Richie' weight that I would just look, well, short and squat. But that looks really gorgeous... Mmmm...mmmm...mmmm... GORGEOUS!
  7. I love how slouchy Nicki's looks. It helps make the bag not seem so big. Its too bad this bag is soooooo darn expensive with that GH.
  8. l_b the bag is beautiful on you! I love it - you wear it well. Thanks for your help, but now you've got me wanting the lighter color haha. Nicky looks great in the bag too - wow - I gotta have it.
  9. I'm 5'4" and a size 14. I have the Brief with the GH and everyone has really complimented me on the bag. I'm really "particular" about making sure the bag looks good on me and it looks great!

    I think since the bag is "flat" in it's depth, rather than being bulky, it actually streamlines your body. Bags that pouf out usually make me look short and squat. Hope that helps!
  10. Thanks for the help wickedassin. That totally helps. From what I understand it's a handbag right? Do you find that it gets heavy on your arm? I'm just used to shoulder bags.
  11. ^^ You're welcome! I think it depends on whether or not it'll fit on the shoulder. I usually can't put a lot of the "little" bags on my shoulder that others can--i.e. a City won't fit on my shoulder. Anyways, I can actually get my Brief on my shoulder.

    But I think I might have gotten a little lucky and found a bag that has slightly longer straps. I was debating between the black and the white. The white wouldn't fit but the black did. However, I think I might be squishing down the "top" of the bag a little to get it on my shoulder. And it only fits when I'm wearing a t-shirt or something light--wouldn't work with a coat on. HTH!
  12. The SA told me the same thing - that you can't sling it over your shoulder if you're wearing a coat which sucks but oh well. I hope I get one with longer straps like you got. You sure lucked out didn't you :smile:
  13. Thanks, wicked! I just might take a gander to NM and try on a GH Brief...:yes:
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  15. nicky looks great but she's pretty tall right? for brief owners, do the flaps on the opening bother you at all?