Post pictures of your FLAPS & CLASSIC FLAPS

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  1. I think there are FIVE sizes in the reissue and I'm pretty sure they make a 228.
  2. I can add it if we get exact info! :yes:
    Do you know Price or product# by chance?
  3. The product number would be the same as the others except ending in 228 and the price would be a guess, but about $100 more than the 227.

    Price 226 = $1995
    Price 227 = $2090

    Here's a pic of all five:
  4. :yes:
  5. Black caviar classic flap Medium/ Large. Retail for HKD$13800.
  6. My medium/large caviar
    DSC00412.JPG DSC00406.JPG
  7. Washed Lambskin flap bag (largest size-- sizes of these bags are different to the classic flap bags... the size of this one's in between a large/jumbo classic flap i think)
    retailed for AU$2640 if i'm not mistaken!
  8. Just wanted to share my new bags (new found addiction for chanel bags & will not be stopping at just 2 bags) -

    1. 2002 chanel 255 small in lilac (supposedly this is suppose to be in calfskin - but i never heard of calfskin 255 - however, this leather is certainly more buttery than the lambskin I have).

    2. chanel 255 med in nude beige, lambskin
    chanel bags 007.jpg
  9. Jumbo Black Crackled Patent Flap with Silver Hardware

    Style #A28600Y04339, Retail price $1895
    crackled patent.jpg
  10. My babyblue baby..

  11. Mine mini flap...
    IMG_1816.JPG IMG_1817.JPG IMG_1818.JPG IMG_1819.JPG
  12. Hi swanky mama!:smile: I went to buy a Chanel Classic Flap bag in black caviar here @ Holt Renfrew tonight, and I actually tried to remember this as a guideline to pick what I had in mind, which is the medium. When I went in, I immediately got drawn to this one in my pic below: and she actually verified it was indeed the medium, coz there was a smaller one in front of it -- so being a novice with Chanel bags, I thought it was what I came there for. I only realised when I got home that I actually got the small one, with reference to the guidelines u posted after measuring it with a tape measure, it is indeed only 9 inches wide. I hope when I go there early today, Saturday, that they have it in stock. I actually prefer silver hardware, but they said they only have it in lambskin, and when she showed it to me, it was a bit bigger than this, maybe that was the size I wanted. I love how it felt, but the leather looked really delicate, and am afraid I won't have the courage to use it :s LOL Also, it's definitely more expensive than CDN $1700 I paid for this one. having a difficult time getting sleep -- I have to find out first thing today if I'd be getting the 10" one. LOL
  13. Thanks so much layla, :smile: your effort is very much appreciated. I went to exchange that small-ish black caviar classic flap bag this afternoon, and indeed, they don't have it in medium at the moment, not in the whole of Canada according to the SA. So, my only quick resolve was to get it in lambskin, and although I was a bit nervous regarding its delicate leather, I finally gave in primarily because they have it in silver hardware, and the smooth and soft exterior is just simply irresistible. I also love the burgundy leather interior -- the SA said that was the colour of the original 2.55. So, I am very happy and content with my purchase, even if I had to add CDN $275 more -- it's worth it for am very happy!:love: And I thought my bag obsession has stopped altogether, was I ever wrong! LOL I guess it was just in the dormant stage, and now am plotting my next Chanel bag conquest, :angel: and reading posts on this forum made a Chanel-lover out of me.

  14. Another black crackled patent jumbo classic flap
    Style # A28600Y04339
    chanel 127.jpg
  15. :yahoo::yahoo:
    IMG_1820.JPG IMG_1821.JPG
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