Post pictures of your FLAPS & CLASSIC FLAPS

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    Please post any photos you have of your Classic Flaps or other flaps, include as much info as possible such as size, color and price.

    No chatting please, you may PM the member or post a new thread if you have a question about their post

    Oooh, and PLEASE consider watermarking your photos before posting them, PLEASE!?

    ETA: Please post your Flaps in the new appropriate size threads. :ty:
  2. Since I took such good close-ups of my other two bags I thought I would post this for reference also.

    11" across
    6 - 6 1/2" tall
    3 1/2 wide
    8 1/2" drop

    Light as a feather.

    As I was taking pics of it my 9 year old son said "Mom, you are not returning that purse. I even like it and I'm a man!":heart: :lol: :heart:
    CIMG0913s.jpg CIMG0914s.jpg CIMG0916s.jpg CIMG0917s.jpg CIMG0918s.jpg CIMG0920s.jpg CIMG0921s.jpg CIMG0922s.jpg
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  3. This is my white caviar medium/large classic flap with silver hardware - retail $1595 US. Style A01112.

    - 10" wide
    - 6" tall
    - 2.75" deep
    IMG whole set.jpg IMG_1747.JPG IMG_1753.JPG IMG_1762.JPG IMG_1768.JPG
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  4. Dark beige caviar medium flap...the price was also about $1500 and has the same dimensions as the white one posted above mine.
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  5. here's my small black lambskin classic flap with gold hardware

    chanel front.jpg chanel on.jpg
  6. Here is my medium white flap with silver chain. I paid 1495, but the price has gone up since i bought it.
    chanel flap.jpg
  7. [​IMG]Reissues
    Ivory jumbo caviar
    black caviar jumbo and black lambskin classic
    White classic (east west)
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  8. Black lambskin:

    Blue caviar:

    Purple caviar:

    All US$1035 and all three are classic east/west bags.
  9. Large Coral Flap with Gold Tone hardware Summer 2006 - 10" long

    & Jumbo White Flap with Silver hardware Summer 2006 - 12" Long
    coral7.jpg white2.jpg
  10. also my TINY Lilac Lambskin bag with bug charms Summer 2005 -6" long

    together with the other 2 CAVIAR bags as above post..
    DSCF0029a.JPG Jul Aug 06 Part Two478 copy.jpg
  11. Black and white jumbo caviars. Grey 2005 reissue.

  12. ~MORE PICS~
    :nuts: NOTE: all prices do NOT include TAXES!:wtf:
    • Pink & Black Python Classic Flap Bag - $2995​
    • Dark Beige & Black Python Classic Flap Bag (A little smaller than the above) - $2875​
    • Dark Beige Classic Open Top Tote - $6295​
    new 8-19-06 002.jpg new 8-19-06 005.jpg chanel 06 python tote 001.jpg chanel 06 python tote 002.jpg
  13. [​IMG]
    Black Jumbo Classic Flap in Caviar

    Pink Medium Double Flap in Caviar
  14. Classic flaps with silver hardware and Dark Gold (aka Bronze) reissue. Extra photo of the Navy classic to see true color since the collection pic was a lil dark.

    Style number and year of origin info (e.g. o6p = 2006) on the boxes. The boxes for Pink and Black are in one pic and for the Dark Gold and Navy are in another pic. No box for the white one.

    Prices don't include tax:
    The black was $1285 in 2000.
    Dark Gold reissue was $2090 in 2006.
    The pink was $1650 in 2005.
    DSCN2449.JPG DSCN2451.jpg DSCN2452.jpg 69_12.jpg
  15. MY VERY OWN PLUM CAVIAR LEATHER (CLASSIC EAST WEST) or better known as single flap, single strap. RETAIL FOR $1050.

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