Post pictures of your first designer bag.


Feb 15, 2006
I'm not sure if there has already been a topic for this but post some pics, I'd love to see your firsts!
Here's my first Coach!


My first I no longer have. I don't even have my second, third, or fourth. What I can show you is the oldest bag I have in my collection. It's a D&B with the duck. The oldest accessory I have is a Gucci wallet that is 25 years old, and it's still in great shape. Here are pics of the bag and the wallet.
clanalois said:
Thanks! :smile: I love your Popincourt Haut, did you just get it?

I purchased it last June.. it was actually the Gay Pride Parade day in Toronto and it was such a hassle because of the extra traffic ! It's still super pale as I really, really baby it. :shame:
Nice thread. The first thing I ever purchased that was designer was an LV pochette while I was in college. I think it might have been in 2000. I still have it, but it's at my parent's house.
my first bag was given to me from my boyfriend a couple of birthdays back. it's a coach hobo.

(i don't have a pic of it so here's a pic from ebay..)


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My first real designer bag is at my parents' house. It is a very simple Gucci that my dad bought me for my 17th birthday (18 years ago!) It was one ofthe cheapest one that they had, but I loved that purse!