Post pictures of your diamond solitaire necklaces!!!

  1. Thanks!
    Details would be great & recommendations of where to shop...I need inspiration!
  2. I have this Catherine Iskiw necklace set in platinum which I love. I also have the stud earrings to match.


    I also have this necklace by Paloma Picasso that I bought at Tiffany's that looks similar to this necklace. In addition to the diamond in the middle my necklace also has diamonds in the petals. I love this design.
  3. Thanks Kat! Those are both beautiful...would you recommend platinum over gold for the chain?
  4. that tiffanys one is making my heart beat
  5. this mine, not exactly a solitare but nearly half carat fancy yellow middle with small white diamonds around.....
  6. If I can get a necklace in white gold I buy it. I don't seek out platinum pieces necessarily. White gold is good enough for me.:p
  7. thats a beautiful necklace! unique too..:biggrin:
  8. Here's another Tiffany's diamond necklace [​IMG]
    It's the Diamond Flower Pendant. My husband gave this same necklace to me as my wedding gift. It really is beautiful up close and if I had my way I'd wear it everyday! ;)
  9. ^that necklace is beautiful, lucida! i actually went over to look at the price! but, out of my price range for now. :crybaby:
  10. that flower necklace is beautiful!!