Post pictures of your COCO CABAS here!

  1. Here is my new BABY CABAS in Black leather!LOVES IT!..1795 plus tax(1900ish)from NM.

  2. I got the baby Cabas in Navy today. I canNOT get the color to come through accurately, though. :shrugs: In the last photo, I am wearing a black shirt, if that gives you some indication. It is a great bag. This is my first caviar bag, and I like it! The first photo makes it look too midnight blue-ish, and the last photo makes it look too black! It is a very nice, navy color irl.
    NavyCabas 1.JPG Inside Cabas 1.JPG Inside cabas 2.JPG NavyCabas Tag.JPG Wearing cabas 1.JPG
  3. This is a sucky pic but I wore my XL Vinyl one last night for the first time, just so you guys can get an idea of how huge it is...I'm 5'9..will post diff ones as i wear it more!! :smile:
  4. TEAL BABY CABAS 1795-
  5. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    IMG_1806.JPG IMG_1807.JPG
  6. Khaki baby cabas 1795. Style # A33986

    chanel 117.jpg
    chanel 119.jpg
    chanel 123.jpg
    chanel 122.jpg
    chanel 118.jpg
  7. My black baby cabas from Chanel at Ala Moana, retail price $1845.
    babycabas1.jpg bc1.JPG
  8. The new bag love of my life :heart: Original Coco Cabas in White

  9. teal baby cabas (called dk blue on the tag, don't ask me why) retail $1795. this is the best representation of the color that I've seen.

  10. here's my baby cabas in black

    Chanel Coco Cabas 1.JPG

    Chanel Coco Cabas 3.JPG
  11. My White Coco Cabas
  12. original CoCo Cabas $1,650.00
  13. White baby coco cabas, $1795.
    cabas.jpg cabaswearing.jpg cabaswearing2.jpg
  14. Black Patent Vinyl in Large size :supacool:
    ...and me (5.5)
    Chanel Cabas.jpg Chanel Cabas 1.jpg Chanel Cabas 2.jpg Chanel Cabas 3.jpg