Post pictures of your COCO CABAS here!

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    Please attach any photos you have of the Coco Cabas in this thread, please include the style, color, price etc. . .
  2. From Neiman Marcus catalog, Coco Cabas in black vinyl for $995.
  3. COCO Cabas in black leather...

    A33450 Y04331
    Chanel 003.jpg Chanel 002.jpg
  4. COCO Cabas (smaller) in vinyl...

    A33450 Y04289

    COCO Cabas (smaller) in satin...

    A33451 Y04323

    Info above from Nordstrom PDF.
  5. Here's one from the cusp store (Cusp)
  6. Cnv0001.jpg



  7. Here i am with my black caviar coco cabas (only one size in the black leather).
    chanel 016_1.jpg
  8. Mine is the Dark Grey but looks taupe and brown. 1650.00+tax
  9. My Vinyl Coco Cabas - $1225.00
  10. Black leather Coco Cabas.
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  11. :yahoo: Coco Cabas :yahoo:
    (Prices do not include taxes!!)
    • Black Vinyl Coco Cabas Grande ~ $995​
    • Black Vinyl Coco Cabas XXL Grande ~ $1225​
    • Black Caviar Leather Coco Cabas Grande ~ $1650​
    • All 3 Together​
    Plus Pics in Magazines.....

    Soon to come:
    • White Caviar Leather Coco Cabas Grande ~ $1650​
    • Dark Gray XXL Caviar Leather Coco Cabas ~ $1995​
    chanel cocos cabas V 003.jpg chanel cocos cabas box labels 002.jpg chanel cocos cabas box labels 005.jpg clem & chanels 027.jpg clem & chanels 026.jpg chanel cocos caba 001.jpg chanel cocos caba 010.jpg chanel cocos caba 003.jpg
  12. More Cabas Pics:
    • Extra Large Dark Grey Caviar Leather Coco Cabas:P
    • Regular Large White Caviar Leather Coco Cabas:P
    chanel coco cabas 002.jpg chanel coco cabas 012.jpg chanel coco cabas 024.jpg chanel coco cabas 022.jpg
  13. Baby Cabas Style# A33986, white, 1795. plus tax. 15x8x6 w/an 8 inch handle drop. chanel 079.jpg chanel 077.jpg chanel 075.jpg
  14. My Very Own Large Coco Cabas in Vinyl. Retail $995.

  15. here's my coco caba in black caviar. for reference, i'm 5'5''.
    cococabas1.jpg cococabas2.jpg cococabas3.jpg cococabas4.jpg cococabas5.jpg