Post pictures of your Christmas Trees here!

  1. I love looking at Christmas trees! We typically put up three each year but we are in the process of building a house and living in a rent house for the time being so we are only putting one up this year. I thought it would be cool to post the pictures of our trees though.

    Here is mine this year. I am soo not the best photographer and I didn't even get the presents in (yes, I am already almost done shopping! LOL) and I do match my wrapping paper to the tree (I am using hot pink, purple, baby pink and silver). LOL

    Enjoy and I can't wait to see yours!!
  2. How fun! We get ours next weekend, so I will have to come back with a picture then.
  3. I've always wanted a pink decorated tree! It's too cute!
  4. OOHHH! Maybe this thread will help me want to put up a tree. At this point it's a no-go. I need some major help getting into the Christmas spirit this year!
  5. A pink tree is so fun!!!!! Great thread... I will have to get a tree soon :yes:
  6. Wow- I thought everyone would already have a tree up! LOL

    I am such a geek I had my tree up like two weeks ago! OMG I probably shouldn't admit that!
  7. Yeah but Dh kinda looks at it and goes ehhh. He calls it the pepto (bismal-spelling?) tree. LOL :roflmfao: I am lucky he has been beaten into submission and just lets me do what I want! ;) LOL Kidding!
  8. What a great idea for a thread! I'll post my pictures as soon as we get the tree, but it won't be for another couple of weeks yet.
  9. What a cute tree Crystal!
    We're not doing a tree this year because we are heading up to my parents it didn't make sense to have everything decorated here when we'll be up there for 2 weeks.
  10. [​IMG]

    Here goes
  11. how fun!!! now i can't wait to get mine up. i will post pictures as soon as i do.
  12. aww Ive always wanted a pink christmas tree!! hehe, did you do it all yourself?? it looks fabulous.. My family tends to buy their christmas tree like a week before christmas haahah (procrastinators)
  13. tree, never thought of's very cute..
  14. Great idea for a thread!

    Everyone's trees look really cute! (I don't have one, because I'm spending Christmas with my parents and they'll have one. My dad and I used to pick out the tree together, and we've gotten it down to a science. We usually end up choosing the first or second tree we've looked at. I'll ask them to take a picture of it, though.)